Saturday, April 30, 2016

Adjust your vertical scroll

For some time i was wondering why it felt less productive and more difficult to work on my work PC compared to my own PC, on really the same code editors and IDEs .. Until i started paying attention to the things i tend to unconsciously repeat: like how much time i spend scrolling through code or documents.

I scroll using the mouse wheel but i never used to pay attention to how much content i scroll through by rolling the wheel one notch. At home this value was higher than at work so i scrolled for a lot more time at work. Problem can be solved this way:

Go to your mouse settings (in Windows 10 it's in Devices & Printers > rightclick your mouse > click Mouse settings), specifically the Wheel tab and set a value for the number of lines to scroll that is right for you.

Mouse Properties - Wheel tab - Vertical Scrolling

For myself, i noticed 13, 14 lines makes a good value. I can scroll through a lot of content at once without breaking continuity (the brain always needs to know exactly where in the document i am as it builds its "content model", otherwise it needs to recreate this model from scratch when this continuity of understanding is broken - scrolling a very big number of lines at a time will do that - for myself i noticed that 15, 16 is already a bit too much).

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